Sharpton Supports “Gainful Employment”?

Former Clinton aide Lanny Davis is used to attack others on the left who support ED Gainful Employment standards.

But control of an e-mail last week revealed that Davis considers a new low: Inside Higher Ed, a new store on the web that covers only higher education in the United States had issued an e-mail exchange between private Davis and the Rev. Al Sharpton. The story, entitled "The Rev. Al breaks ranks", he suggested that Sharpton had canceled its support for the Davis campaign of the rules of gainful employment.

Sharpton said profit schools are an integral part of outreach to low-income Americans and minorities out of poverty. He and Davis object to the scope and purpose of paid employment regulation proposed by the Ministry of Education and Secretary Arne Duncan. The regulations prohibit high school dropout and delinquency rates on loans to students to accept federal aid for students.

The term "paid work" was coined to reflect the belief of the Department of Education’s career as Kaplan College, University of Phoenix and DeVry large to participate in deceptive marketing to low-income students, promising realistic prospect of employment and not doing enough to keep inscribed. Opponents of regulation, like Davis and many leaders in African-Americans and Hispanics believe that the default rates and dropout rates, and the many problems facing college graduates to find paid employment, are the obstacles facing low-income Americans, whatever the tax situation of the institution they attend.

Davis, who lobbied for the industry of for-profit colleges through his office, the Coalition for the Education of success was even more surprised when he called Sharpton and I learned that not sharing his duties IHE Sharpton, but the Ministry of Education.

So how is exactly what an email exchange between Davis and Sharpton make their way first to the office of Duncan, and then in higher education? Davis said that Sharpton was contacted last month before appearing in an ad in the Washington Post, along with Jesse Jackson, Representative Alcee Hastings of Florida, and Harry Alford, president of the Black Chamber of Commerce.
"I met with the Rev. Al Sharpton over a month to another representative of my client," Davis told the newspaper Wednesday night calling. "Rev. Sharpton told us to believe that this regulation has been poorly targeted professional associations, for profit, which – he knew, like everyone else – especially responsive to children of minorities, child labor, children in low income working mothers and other adults who work. "

According to Davis, Sharpton was so concerned by the description of Davis for the regulation of paid employment has agreed to appear in an ad in the Washington Post, the same day, several Democratic members of the House should discuss the regulations.

"The quote was contained in this press Jesse Jackson, Alfonso, and Representative Hastings all from his previous letters to [Duncan]," Davis said. "The only person who had written the secretary was the Rev. Sharpton."

Davis offered to write a letter on behalf Sharpton, based on the conversation he had in New York.

"I wrote a comment which was consistent with what he told us that much for breakfast," said Davis. "He sent me an e-mail saying it would not be part of advertising based on a misunderstanding that is not engaged in communication with the Secretary and his senior staff. [Sharpton] n ‘was not aware that our coalition fraud conviction and deception that could happen, and we’re all in favor of an application program at all levels to stop all abuses in higher education. "

According to Inside Higher Ed * "[S] i Sharpton had, at some point, given the impression that Davis opposes the normative approach to administration, sent very different a week ago when Davis rejected the request … use a appointment and the name of Sharpton in an announcement that Davis Coalition for Educational Planning successful run with Jackson and other black political leaders. "

Sharpton wrote in his e-mail to Davis, "To attack the department instead of giving up is a bad strategy, in my opinion. I think that the section President and Duncan are not the enemy here. In fact, I have done more to close the achievement gap that have received credit. I like to find a common ground to protect minority students services, but there is no need to defend those who have handled these ONLY for personal needs. "

Originally, the top inside of Ed said it had confirmed with seat Sharpton emails were real. The publication later changed the story to read, "said a spokesman for Sharpton could not be reached to confirm the legitimacy of trade."

When asked if he had been exchanging e-mail the Department of Education, Inside Higher Ed editor Doug Lederman, wrote in an e-mail, "I can not talk about my sources and I am sure that not would. "

TheDC Davis confirmed early Wednesday that the exchange of e-mail is authentic. "[Sharpton] sent his e-mail to more than Duncan, and he did not expect that someone in Duncan’s office would use it," said Davis. "When I called this morning, was an annoying Al Sharpton."

But what was really worrying Davis was the possibility that Sharpton, by sending to the exchange office of Duncan, was "breaking rank", the IHE title.

"Reverend Sharpton sent me an email asking if he really had changed his mind," said Davis TheDC "His first words were:". This article was bad, I did not authorized, or the [Department of Education] to flee from my e-mail. I’m furious. I have my public relations consultant called Inside Higher to correct what they have never confirmed anything. "

Sharpton said Davis public relations consultant then called to say that the pastor was "furious" Duncan established a leaked email exchange.

"Let me be very clear. Rev. Sharpton has been an old friend of mine fought for civil rights community and from side to side in other battles not surprise me what he did. Not changed his mind and he sees the danger of these regulations "Davis added." Secretary of Education showing signs of not recognizing their friends. The last time I checked, we are all liberal Democrats, and we are all supporters of Barack Obama. And we are all treated as if we were enemies, and we can not understand why. "

Neither Sharpton’s office nor the Department of Education returned calls for comment.


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