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Bridgepoint and “Gainful Employment”

According to DON BAUDER. San Diego’s Bridgepoint Education closed Thursday at $18.48. That’s up from $15.26 on Dec. 1. According to Bloomberg News, for-profit colleges like Bridgepoint are boosting their spending on lobbying to thwart funding restrictions proposed by the … Continue reading

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Are Student Loans Worth It?

According to, the average student loan debt among graduating seniors was $23,186 in 2007-2008. Student Loans have been a heavy burden for young people starting out for decades now. With the economy in turmoil more and more families are … Continue reading

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Is there a Student Loan Debtor Prison?

Federal Student loans — if they are unpaid perhaps even for a short time — may lock you into almost a ‘DEBTORS" prison, not really but it will feel like. No Lie!!! Uncle Sam’s collection rights are something a mobster … Continue reading

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Update on Gainful Employment (Editorial from NY Times)

Editorial from NY Times 12-6-2010. I thought they were more conservative. Wow! The Obama administration has already adopted several new rules that will give the Department of Education more authority to rein in corrupt practices by for-profit universities. But the … Continue reading

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Sharpton Supports “Gainful Employment”?

Former Clinton aide Lanny Davis is used to attack others on the left who support ED Gainful Employment standards. But control of an e-mail last week revealed that Davis considers a new low: Inside Higher Ed, a new store on … Continue reading

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